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Chelsey has had a predilection for scary things ever since she was six, when she would sneak out of bed to watch X-Files with her parents (she hid behind the couch).

This interest turned into passion over the years, and Chelsey spent many evenings in her early twenties, consuming sad ramen while writing creepy stories for her professors. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Columbia College in 2011. 

While honing her writing skills, Chelsey pursued a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, and graduated from Wayne State University in 2014. 

Chelsey spent the next couple of years combining her love of books, and libraries. In 2017, she published her first, and second horror novels, Ghost Mirror, and Gate Keeper, with Scare Street Publishing. 

In 2018, Chelsey became a public librarian in North Carolina, and published her third novel, Grave Games,  with Scare Street Publishing. In 2020, Chelsey moved back to Michigan, where she  became Head Reference Librarian at the Springfield Township Library. 

Now, at age 32, Chelsey is pursuing a career as a full time horror novelist. Her early morning hours are spent drinking black coffee, and finalizing her fourth horror novel, White Rabbit. 

When she's not writing, Chelsey can be found watching horror movies (both good, and terrible ones), building things out of Lego, and working towards becoming a hermit in the woods.


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