Chelsey Dagner's interest in horror began at six years old, when she would watch The X Files from behind the couch, when her parents believed her to be asleep in bed. 

After she morphed into a young adult, she decided she wanted to become a horror author. In May 2011, she  obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Columbia College, in Chicago. 

While scribbling away at a novel in Seattle, Chelsey also decided to become a librarian. She attended Wayne State University in the fall of 2012. She recieved her Masters of Library and Information Science degree in July 2014.

Chelsey moved to North Carolina, where she became a librarian in the Triad Area. She also obtained her first book deal with Scare Street Publishing. 

Chelsey's first horror novel, Ghost Mirror, was published in December 2017. It's sequel, Gatekeeper, was published in January 2018. Finally, the series was concluded with the third installment, Grave Games, published in October 2018. 

Chelsey has since wandered back to Michigan, where she was born and raised, and continues to work as a creepy looking librarian. She is working on her fourth horror book, a standalone novel, titled White Rabbit. 



You won't find any! Just not a fan, personally. If you wish to contact Chelsey, feel free to email her at chelseydagneratgmail.com